Stephen F. Austin State University 

  • Exceptional Learners (undergraduate) 
  • Social Basis of Learning (graduate) 
  • Learning and behavior (graduate) 
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (graduate) 

Behavior Webinars (, taught and created courses

  • 8 Hour Supervision Course (supervision), Advanced Practiced in Supervision (supervision), Best Practice in Supervision (supervision), Mandated Reporting for ABA practitioners (ethics), Social Validity for ABA practitioners (ethics), Ethics through Case Studies (ethics), Using ABA to teach non behavioral interventions: Mindfulness as an example, Using ABA for ADHD, Research on PRT, Research on Social Stories, 20 separate article reviews

Registered Behavior Technique online training (, taught and created courses

  • 40-hour RBT training

Purdue Global University

  • Research Methods I, Applied Behavior Analysis II, Applied Behavior Analysis I, Targeted Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis, Program Design and Evaluation

National University

  • Advanced Applications I, Advanced Applications II, Applications of ABA, Assessment of ABA, Processes of ABA, Basics of Behavior Analysis

Chapman University

  • Research Methods in Education


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