School Psychologist FBA Training Recruitment

In Fall 2020 we are seeking participants for a post-graduate training program.  This program will train School Psychologist how to create useful functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans.  This training will include the following:

  • Occur online through weekend webinars
  • Will include a competency activity in which participants will receive feedback on FBAs/BIPs
  • Lectures from top researchers in the field
  • Participants may be able to get NCSP CEs
  • Participants may receive compensation (i.e. amazon gift card)

The following subjects will be covered: 

  • Legal information on FBAs and BIPs
  • Measurement (duration, frequency, interval, IRT, Latency). 
  • Assessment (indirect, direct)
  • FAA (analogue in schools)
  • Behavior reduction plans (BIPs)
  • IEP processes
  • Multi-cultural considerations
  • Difficult and  unique cases (MD turns into FBA for tagging or drug use, severe behaviors, behaviors maintained by pain attenuation).

If you would like to be considered as a participant please complete the form below: 


    PreschoolElementaryMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolAlternativeOther

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