It is not that I enjoy teaching, but I love it.  At Kaplan University I taught BCBA courses online, while at National University I taught BCBA courses in person. I taught Education courses at Chapman University.  At SFA I’ve taught both undergraduate special education courses and School Psychology M.A. and Ph.D courses.  My love of teaching shows up in my sky high student evaluations.

Additionally I am an Authorized Continuing Education Provider (ACE provider) for Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) certificates CEUs.  I created, own and operate an extremely popular website that offers school psychologists CEU courses. This includes ethics, supervision, and general CEU courses, covering (Put something here like full content for a successful BACB practice.) I am especially proud of my successful journal club where participants’ earn1 CEU a month by reading and discussing a journal article. I was the first ACE provider to establish a 3 CEU supervision course for BCBAs to take after finishing the 8-Hour supervision course.  I also have a remote supervision practice in which I supervise 3-4 supervisees seeking BCBA certification.  I currently have a waitlist for more supervisees.  

My general teaching philosophy in school psychology is to teach the theory, practice with behavioral skill training (BST): instruction, modeling, rehearsal and feedback. I have learned how to foster my student’s professional skills and tools and to use discussions to bolster critical thinking.  

At all times when I am teaching people who will step into the important role of a school psychologists, I promote not just an understanding of culture and diversity in our school districts, but how to celebrate it.  I incorporate these essential issues into every example. I encourage discussion on the role culture and diversity plays in advocate and serving our students. It is an area I also I pay attention to in my research.

I have also developed a successful teaching tool, one that has proofed invaluable to my success and growth as a teacher.  I employ a polling program that quizzes the students on the material in my power point lectures during the lectures.  The poll results appear in real time on the powerpoint.  This allows me to check for my students understanding of the material. This has been so successful that SFA University invited me to present on this technique and the simple technology developed to other professors at the Center for Learning and Technology. 

Another component of my teaching philosophy is to look at course objectives as a criterion for the skills my students need to master.  Each student comes into my class with a unique set of experiences, hopes, and needs.  I look at each student as an individual and then find a way to scaffold the instruction and support the student to meet the course objectives.  This might be mean a one hour zoom session, private tutoring to struggling students, allowing students to submit rough drafts to get feedback prior to a final paper being done, or simply providing a list of recommended headers to help students organize papers. I have even created extra workbooks to help students practice the more difficult content areas of applied behavior analysis.  I am known to reach out and help and support students whose life circumstances are impeding their learning and with this extra attention, I have had the pleasure of watching them succeed. In other words, I go to bat for my students to ensure their success not as my students, but as the future professionals they will become.

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